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I need to give permission to my child to go abroad


Other essential things you need to know when you use a notary

In all the notarial work I do there I things I have to do including:

Points to note

In such situations the parent giving consent should seek independent family law advice before giving any consent or allowing the child to depart with the other parent or another person.

A parent is unlikely to be able to check for every possible situation where consent is necessary. However, if a travel agent is being used then it might be possible to ask them if the parent(s) need to give their consent. The same is possible with an airplane as to whether a consent is necessary. * What activities etc can the child take part in? If the child is only to travel from their home in England to a destination country to visit a relative then a simple permission to go with another parent or person may be sufficient. However, often a child is involved in situations or wishes to take part in activities. For example, a child may fall ill or be involved in an accident. Or is going to a summer camp or travelling on a form of transport where sports, visits etc are to take place (e.g. a cruise). If the consent form does not give permission to the person accompanying the child then they may be able to given consent to the treatment of the child or if the consent form does to mention that the person accompanying the child can allow the child to participate in (sports) activities then the child may be refused permission to do so.


It is possible for the parent giving consent to sign a form which does not make reference to any specific trip or date. However some notaries find that a ‘generic’ consent is not accepted in some situations, by airlines, governmental authorities and so on. Also consent form signed two years ago but used now may also be unacceptable as the people/organisation requiring it may say they have no way of knowing that parent who gave consent two years ago continues to do so. *Do I need to have one or more copies of the consent document notarised? If the child is likely to be involved in extensive travel (whether from one country to another or internally or involved in a range of activities) then it usually a good idea to have sign and have notarised several copies of the consent document. This is because the organisation (airline, authority etc) may want to retain an ‘original’ not a photocopy for its record. If you have only one ‘original’ you will not have it available for future use.

Last updated: 6 August 2013.