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I need to sign a power of attorney


Other essential things you need to know when you use a notary

In all the notarial work I do there I things I have to do including:

Things you should do before coming to see

Here are few things you should check before you come to see me:

Additional information

For some countries there are particular requirements when a power of attorney is signed. Here are a few:

What is a power of attorney?

Simply, it is a document where you provide permission for someone else to do something on your behalf.

The permission you give is either to do one or more specific things. Or sometimes you are giving permission to someone else to do things on your behalf without saying exactly what they are. See the [example].

For example, if you are purchasing a specific property in another country, you might a give lawyer in that country permission to buy the specific named property for a particular price etc.

Some essential legal terminology you should know

A powers of attorney often use particular words (which are sometimes used in other countries as well).

The following provides a basic guide as to their meaning:

Why a power of attorney needs signing as a deed

For the reasons why a power of attorney, which signed in England which is for use in another country needs signing as a deed see the attached document. It explains the legal reasons as well as the guidance given to notaries as to why this is necessary.

In most cases documents which are powers of attorney which a client needs to sign before a notary will be provided to the client. They will invariably not contain the words necessary to make it a deed. Often all that is necessary is to add the words “signed as a deed.pdf”. Sometimes it is advisable to check with the lawyer or other person who provided the document to the client about adding these words. In my experience I have not had problems with lawyers in other countries about adding these words.

Last updated: 26 February 2018.