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Checking your understanding


One of the essential requirements is that a person who is signing a document must understand the nature and effect of it. Generally this will mean you will need:

What I must do

I need to check whether you understand the document and whether are willing to sign it and be bound by it

How do I do this?

To make sure you understand what you are doing, before you sign a document, I need:

What I am not trying to do (or will be doing)

When I check that you understand the document and that you are willing to sign, I will not be:

There are a number of reasons why I will not be doing this. Primarily, because the document you will be signing is going to another country and I do not have the appropriate legal qualification for giving legal advice other than matters that affect the law of England and Wales.

When I look through a document if I spot anything which is obviously wrong I will bring this to your attention (such matters as whether your name is spelt correctly, or address details are correct).

Examples of what amounts to a client not understanding a document

The following (based on numerous real events) are examples of clients who have no understanding of what they are doing:

Last updated: 27 April 2013.