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St Margarets

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Recording details of what I have done for you

(Why do I have do this and what it involves)

Why making a record is required

As part of carrying out notary work for you I have to make a record of what I do. This is not an optional extra but a basic part of carrying out notary work. A failure to do so is a breach of the rules that govern my work and my general duty as a notary.

What does the record consist of?

The rules that I work under specify the basic information I must keep for each piece of notary work that I do, which is as follows:

In addition to the above I also record further details about an individual (provided through a form and sight of identification documents, such as a passport etc). I also, normally, keep a complete electronic copy of the documents I notarise. I am not required to do so for all notarised documents but only some of them. Those I must keep a copy (or duplicate original).

Last updated: 1 May 2013.