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How I charge. What I charge

How do I charge?

The amount I charge depends on how long it takes to deal with your matter.

Do I have a minimum/fixed charge?

I do have a minimum charge. It is normally £80. I do not normally offer fixed quotations, but please see the next two headings

How much does it cost to notarise a document?

It is easy to say that it not possible to let you know how much I will charge until I have finished. But this does not help you to know what you are likely to have to pay. I do deal with same type of situations and documents repeatedly, and the following are some ‘rough and ready’ figures:

Can you provide an estimate or quotation?

I do provide estimates (and, in appropriate cases, a fixed price). But normally only after seeing any documents you have as well as any instructions that come with the documents.

Over the telephone I can normally only provide a very rough guide as to what I will charge. At an appointment and when I see what needs to do exceeds what I stated I will inform you before I start work.

Do you charge per a document or per a page notarised or per a seal?

I do not charge per a document or page notarised. The length of a document or the number of times I need to put my signature and seal on a document or a number of documents is not normally related to the length of time it takes to notarise the document(s).

Also dealing with several documents at the same time does not mean the above times / rates are multiplied. For example, if you require two copies of your passport certified, it normally only takes a few minutes extra for me to certify two copies rather than one. Where you have two different documents that need notarisation, it is not quite as quick producing two copies of a passport, but it is normally quicker dealing with two documents together than if they are dealt with separately on different occasions.

Factors which are likely to increase the amount you will have to pay

The following are the common things which often result having to charge more the amounts mentioned above:

Arranging for a document to receive an apostille or be legalised

If you wish to arrange for a document or documents(s) to receive (an) apostille(s) or legalisation I charge as follows:

These are not charges per a document but a fixed rate (unless there are many documents all going to different places, when I may need to charge more). The charges made by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, embassies and consulates, my legalisation agent etc. are in addition.

For more details on obtaining apostilles and legalisation and the charges involved see this page and this page of my website.

When do you need to make payment?

I expect payment when I have finished my work.

Where the amounts I have to pay to other persons are large (such as legalisation fees, courier costs or cost of translation) then I may ask for payment for these in advance. For example, some countries’ legalisation fees are high (such as for the UAE embassy, where for documents they deem ‘commercial’, the charge is £500 per a document) or a long document may need translation which can cost several hundred pounds.

What I charge for

I normally charge for the time I spent in providing notarial services, including for the following matters:

This will include such matters:

  1. making the appointment;
  2. travelling to and from you (where applicable and in accordance with my policy as stated on my website);
  3. waiting time;
  4. identifying you;
  5. discussing matters with you;
  6. the time taken in preparing emails/letters, dealing with emails, letters etc whether I send or receive them;
  7. telephone calls;
  8. checking and dealing with documents you provide;
  9. amending documents and/or completing any blanks in documents that you provide;
  10. considering and dealing with any instructions that come with documents you provide;
  11. drafting documents which are required which
    1. result from the documents and/or instructions you provide; or
    2. become necessary from meeting you or from discussions with third parties;
  12. copying documents you provide as well as making copies of notarised documents;
  13. preparing notarial certificates, binding documents securely and sealing documents; and
  14. dealing with any specified requirements or formalities of a country;
  15. arranging for a third party to provide their services (such as legalisation, couriering etc).

Do I charge VAT?

I do not charge VAT (as I am not registered for VAT).

Hourly rate

My hourly rate is £210, where I charge for time taken.

How can payment be made?

I accept by the following methods: by bank-to-bank transfer, credit or debit card. I currently do not accept payment by cheque or by cash.

Last updated: 7 February 2021